Origin- China Banka


“Banka farm and washing station is named after the two nearbyvillages (Banka Yi and Banla Er) where the coffee cherry for this lot was grown and harvested. 

The farm and station were originally developed by Mr. Hu, a native of the province, who has been producing coffee in Menglian for almost 20 years. He was one of the first farmers to engage in large scale coffee production in Menglian. Mr. Hu is held in high esteem within the local area, employing hundreds of harvesters from vaious ethnic groups across his farms each year directly, offering greater traceability. 

Growing this varietal, Catimor is a sensible option for local farmes due to it’s resilience to the weather. It tastes delicious when processed naturally too. The intense sweetness from the pulp of the cherry, transfers to the coffee bean during the drying process, which can take 14-20 days.”

Origin Coffee Roasters

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– Roastery: Origin Coffee Roasters.
– Origin: Mengial, Yunnan- 1,350 MASL
– Producer: Banka Washing Station.
– Variety: Catimor.
– Process: Washed.
– Tasting Notes: Pink Lady, Yuzu & Brown Sugar.


Whole Bean, Fine Grind (Espresso, Turkish), Medium Grind (Aeropress, Moka), Coarse Grind (V60, French Press)