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Settled in the Andes Mountains, Tolima is the third-largest coffee region in Colombia. It’s also one of our favourites, providing consistently high-quality coffee.

Oasis was produced by Luz Mila, a mother of 4 who originally purchased a coffee farm from her savings in 2012. At the time the commercial price was very low, however, it didn’t stop Luz saving, and extraordinarily she went on to buy another farm in 2017, where she now focuses on growing only speciality coffee.

Luz carefully selected this coffee at its most prime maturity, before dry fermenting the cherries for 30 hours. Finally, they’re pulped and fermented again with the mucilage of the exterior fruit for a further 25 hours. It highlights many of the typical characteristics of washed Colombian coffee with a very juicy body and a crisp acidity in the final cup.

Origin Coffee Roasters

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– Roastery: Origin Coffee Roasters.
– Origin: Tolima 1,500 – 2,100 MASL
– Producer: Luz Mila.
– Variety: Caturra.
– Process: Washed.
– Tasting Notes: Tangerine, Apple & Cane Sugar.


Whole Bean, Fine Grind (Espresso, Turkish), Medium Grind (Aeropress, Moka), Coarse Grind (V60, French Press)