Origin – Colombia Santa Maria Decaf


CO2 decaffeinating process is probably the most natural and less aggressive method to preserve flavors in coffee while taking out caffeine. Coffee is submerged in warm water under pressure to open the beans up, then CO2 is added to the solution to bind with the caffeine molecules and before being rinsed. Coffee then dries.
Santa María is a much more sweet and chocolatey option for decaf than usual coffees picked for this purpose, and despite the decaffeination process it keeps the true character of a Colombian coffee.

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– Roastery: Origin Coffee Roasters.
– Origin: Huila, Tolima. 1600- 2000 MASL
– Producer: 21 Smallholders.
– Variety: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia & Typica.
– Process: Washed & CO2 Decaffeinated.
– Tasting Notes: Red Apple, Chocolate, Assam Tea.


Whole Bean, Fine Grind (Espresso, Turkish), Medium Grind (Aeropress, Moka), Coarse Grind (V60, French Press)