Origin- Honduras Loma


“Erwin J. Mierisch, was the head judge for COE in Honduras in 2011 and saw great potential in Honduran coffee. At the time coffee from Honduras wasn’t perceived or noticed for high-quality but they were drawn to the farm (Cerro Azul) where this coffee was grown because of a high altitude, making it easier to produce good quality coffee.

They wanted to share the knowledge that they learned in Nicaragua with another origin country. Cerro Azul receives more rainfall than most of their other farms, but the silty clay soil of Cerro Azul also boosts the nutrient and water retention capabilities of the soil.

This Loma coffee is the classic natural processed coffee that the family enjoys day to day. Erwin says it’s simple, sweet, and solid, like the corner kabah shop in their neighbourhood. It has a medium, smooth body and a long, chocolatey finish.”

Origin Coffee Roasters

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– Roastery: Origin Coffee Roasters.
– Origin: Comayagua- 1,600 – 1,700 MASL
– Producer: Mierisch Family.
– Variety: Red Catuai.
– Process: Natural.
– Tasting Notes: Cherry, Dark Chocolate & Brown Sugarr.


Whole Bean, Fine Grind (Espresso, Turkish), Medium Grind (Aeropress, Moka), Coarse Grind (V60, French Press)