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Quarter Horse Coffee- Peru Elí Espinoza Soberón


Elí Espinoza is the owner of 4 hectares of coffee in the village of las Pirias in Chirinos. Elí has a few parcels of land spread across the village, some planted mostly with typica, caturra and bourbon. Elí processes all his coffee at his house, which sits at 1800masl and his farms are all between 1800 and 2000masl. 

He started out picking coffee in the village, and after a while he was able to buy his own land, a house and started working to produce his own coffee. This year Eli has mastered how to process his coffees as natural as well as washed after investing in 2019 in a large solar dryer in with increased capacity which gave him greater control over the drying process. 

By Quarter Horse Coffee

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– Roastery: Quarter Horse Coffee.
– Origin: Chirinos.
– Producer: Elí Espinoza Soberón.
– Variety: Bourbon.
– Process: Washed. 
– Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, Dark Chocolate, Toffee, Floral. 


Whole Bean, Fine Grind (Espresso, Turkish), Medium Grind (Aeropress, Moka), Coarse Grind (V60, French Press)